Most people see but never take notice of Squirrels on a daily basis. Whether it be in their travels or in their yards, Squirrels are everywhere in the Northeast. For the most part if Squirrels are not destroying your home or tearing up your yard and landscape, they go unnoticed. If you see them on your roof, chances are they're not up there for the view.

Squirrels are very smart and adaptable animals and our desire for comfort has given them an endless environment to nest and breed in. This is no fault of their own because houses provide a warm dry place to live and stay safe from predators.

If you find you have Squirrels nesting in your home, the problem needs to be addressed immediately. The damage Squirrels cause can result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of repairs.  A Squirrels teeth never stop growing, they continuously gnaw on anything to keep them filed down.  This is the main reason they do so much damage once they get inside your home. They chew away your roof and soffit supports, sheet rock and plaster, and even electrical wires. Squirrels are known to have been the cause of many electrical fires just by doing what comes natural to them.  They also tear apart the attic insulation blanket and any other thing they can find for use in their nest.

We have over 25 years of experience getting rid of and fixing the damage that Squirrels cause.

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